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Sydney Dance Program 2021


Season 12 Dancers

Advanced/Elite Seniors

Kiani Slaughter 

Charlotte Fleming

Ava Camillos

Sarah Chapman

Tia Pulman 

Allysa Pollard

Tianna Karailias

Alexis Perrin

Melanie Van Zon

Brock Rankmore 

Olivia Rankmore 


Advanced Elite Training Juniors 

 Angelina Patolo

Shereya Rukkandan

Samantha Kubina 

Abbey Irmisch



Program Information






9-11am Choreography work with Loredo all Dancers 


11-12pm Lyrical Show Choreography Continued with Millie Slennett


Finish at 12pm  



Advance Elite




Age 13-18

12 positions are available for our Advance/Elite Program

1 Full Scholarship Available
1 Half Scholarship Available


Beginner / Intermediate

Advance Registration Juniors


Age 10-12

15 positions are available for our Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced program

1 Full Scholarship Available
1 Half Scholarship Available

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