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Charlize Delanty-Butzin "Jam Performing Arts"

Tahliya Drummond "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Madeleine Griffith "Jam Performing Arts"

Tiani Cashel-Patterson "Coastal Dance"

Isabelle Hancock "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Hannah Rogerson "Logan Dance Academy" 

Lily Paige "Theatre and Dance"

Bella Janssen "National Academy of Performing Arts"

Mia Lowe "Coastal Dance"

Audrey Mitchell "Performance Plus Dance Centre"

Felicity Fuller "Jam Performing Arts"





Paige Patton "Dance Force"

Martika McGown "Danzart Studio"

Jade Michalski "Do Dance Academy" 

Poppy Michalski "Do Dance Academy"

Taeja Edwards "Independent"

Layla Bennett "Dance Tech"

Eloise Johnson "Jam Performing Arts" 

Chelsea Johnson "Independent" 

Aaliyah Solomon "Performance Plus Dance Centre"

Myah Hennessy "Dance Technique"




Grace Bird "Performance Plus Dance Centre"

Lily Hutton "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Caitlin Miller "Launch Performing Arts"

Taya McNamara "Jam Performing Arts"

Emma Miller "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Hayley Lavin "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Amelia Gibb "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Romi Penfold "Launch Performing Arts"

Elke Paes "Dynamite Studios Australia"

Sophia Gougoulas "Danzart Studio"





7am-8am Romi solo with Loredo

8am-10:30am All Dancers with Loredo

10:30-11:30 solo with Layla 

10:30-12 Group 1 with Pru Rourine

10:30-12 Group 2 and 3 Show Revision continued

12-1pm Small Group with Sam

12-1 Impro Class with Pru


Finish at 1pm