LOcREaDO Dance Company

contemporary company for young professional dancers and industry professionals

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About Us

As popular reality dance shows grace Australian television screens each week; the love of dance - in all its genres - is a growing passion for many young Australians (and their parents). Locreado Dance Company and Program Company is a ground breaking dance company, enriching young dancers with more than a taste for performance. In fact this company is fuelling young dancer’s insatiable hunger to confidently perform within a dance company, and in turn experience dance in the “real world”. This season, Sydney based Locreado Program Company is giving 42 aspirational performing artists an experience which consolidates their already rigorous personal dance training schedules, and prepares them for a potential career in dance, both locally and internationally. These dancers are aged from 11years to 17years, and YES, they can really DANCE!


Sunday for many young people is a day off. Not at the Locreado rehearsal studios,
located in inner city Sydney.  Sunday is a day of power, passion and performance. From
before 9.00am, the quiet industrial end of Marrickville comes alive to the pounding sounds of avant-garde lyrical and contemporary music; accompanying soloists, small groups and entire company group pieces. The rehearsal schedule each week is varied, from technique classes, learning (and remembering) challenging choreography, to working with elite guest choreographers, including Renee Richie, Rebecca Mansueto and Matt Antonucci.


Loredo Malcolm, Founder/ Creator/ Owner/ Director/ Producer/ Dancer

LOcREaDO Dance Company was opened in Sydney Australia and this is where we now call home. The Company was developed to give dancers the opportunity to do what they love and perform.


Loredo started this company for one main reason and that is to continue his passion for dance and to share his passion and love for the performing Arts with dancers in Australia.



The Meaning of Locreado

Loredo Creates: LO RE DO: My Name

cREa: Creates.


LOcREaDO Dance Company has a junior Company and the professional company Ages from 11-30 years old. The company is set at a professional level, but also gives dances who are determined enough to work hard the opportunity to experience the work load of a professional dancer by training and doing shows with us. Without the right experience a dancer will not be able to grow. (Loredo's Belief)


LOcREaDO Dance Company is not a fulltime course or a school for dancers. The Company is being put together for professional dancers in Australia and dancers at an ADVANCED LEVEL who are open to being a part of something different and unique.


The passion and love that Loredo has for dance is what lead him to start this Company, his unique style of dance is something he feels that can grow in the dance industry.